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July 21, 2011


Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that OS X Lion is available to download on the Mac App Store. Our resident geek and creative director EMKWAN has been covering Lion for a while now and we think it’s awesome, but if you’re the type to want reviews before diving in yourself, here’s a handful of the best out there:

Jim Darymple @ Loop Insight Four Word Review:

“Get it, Lion rules!”

Cody Fink of MacStories:

Lion is an evolution of OS X that’s instantly familiar to anyone coming from a previous version. It’s also well designed to be easy to learn for someone who’s never picked up a Mac before. 

Leander Kahney & John Brownlee of Cult of Mac:

OS X Lion could very well be the last version of OS X as we know it… It’s fitting, then, that OS X Lion is not only the best version of OS X yet, but the first great PC operating system for the post-PC age….Buy it. OS X Lion is the future of PC operating systems in the Post-PC Age.

Stephen Hacket of MacGasm:

Lion is a solid update that brings a lot of new ideas to the desktop from the mobile space. Clearly, Apple is trying to make the Mac more attractive to its legions of iOS customers. … OS X is still OS X. And Lion is the best version yet. 

John Siracusa of Ars Technicas exhaustive review:

…better technology has simply reduced the number of things that we need to care about. Lion is better technology. It marks the point where Mac OS X releases stop being defined by what’s been added. From now on, Mac OS X should be judged by what’s been removed. 

MG Siegler of TechCrunch seems to be kissing OS X goodbye:

…one can’t help but feel that OS X Lion could be the last of its breed in the OS X family. OS X Lion still feels like OS X, but I’m not sure the Mac OS that comes next will… If that’s the case, OS X Lion is a great send-off for what has been a fantastic OS.

There are plenty of welcome additions here, including aesthetic tweaks and attention to mounting privacy concerns. Like Snow Leopard before it, however, Lion is hardly an explosive upgrade. And like Snow Leopard, it comes in at a reasonable £20.95, making it a worthy upgrade for current Mac owners. But does a boatload of evolutionary features add up to a revolutionary upgrade? Let’s find out. Below you’ll find some of the best reviews and videos on the ‘LION’ we found from the interwebs.

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