Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships. Remember, this isn’t a direct marketing tool, this is human communication. —Geek Monkeh


Is Your Business Socially Active?

Social media is big. It’s so big, it’s changing the way businesses market and interact with customers and if your not on the ship yet, simply put: your missing out BIG TIME!

Eazysites has one of the best team of social networking geeks in the East Midlands. We live social networking! With direct experience with Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, YouTube, bloggs and eMarketing, our team has an indepth experience and a striking track record with social network marketing. We help your business understand the way social networks work and how they can be used to enhance and promote your brand or business.

Eazysites will help you engage with your customers, potential customers, power users and bloggers on relevant social networks while creating effective online buzz for your brand. Our social network marketing team is headed by our creative director; Em Kwan, who is regularly featured in the top 100 gurus on YouTube. Being a registered YouTube partner gives him and his team an insight with how YouTube and other social networks work. A regular tweeter who’s worked freelance for Twitter Inc. also.

Social Network Training

Eazysites offers training on understanding the basics of social networking. Courses are customised for both beginners and expert levels. We can help you understand the basics and the specialised areas on all the major social networking platforms.

Training can be provided in groups or on an individual basis, either at our studio or at your offices. Have a look at some of the areas and courses we cover below:

A basic overview of social networking. It’s practical application and importance in business, with examples.

Set up a Twitter account and have a basic overview.

Set up LinkedIn account and have a basic overview.

Set up Facebook account and have a basic overview.

Set up YouTube account and have a basic overview.